The Kingston Question

Episode 2

Where have they all gone?

The phone rang several times but still no answer. Michael Geribaldi was perplexed the two other agents he had been sent with had suddenly gone silent. There were now five agents missing. A call to Ian had him sending out two more agents. Ian had tried to track the missing agents cell phone but there was no signal from either agents phone. Michael held up in his hotel room until the reinforcements got there.

Shay Spring and Johnny MacDonald were sent to the home town of John A. MacDonald the father of Canadian confederation. Together with Michael Geribaldi they set out to find the two missing agents. They first went and spoke with Christina Viola, the psychic who pushed for the demolition of the Mowat building in the 1970’s. They agents were caught off guard when she knew exactly who the agents worked for. While she could offer no specifics she believed at the time the Mowat building was somehow occult and that since its destruction the strange occurrences in downtown Kingston stopped. She told them about the Historical Society’s attempt to have the building reconstructed and that they have a very wealthy backer. Some research later found that A&K Holdings was the financial backer of the Historical Society. Christina gave them the name of Michael Bennett a man who she claims was the same Michael Bennett that committed three grizzly murders in Kingstown in the mid 1800’s. All her notes and Michael’s own diary have been lost. She has been the victim of two home invasions and two house fires over the past two years. She offered a trade to the agents, she get to visit the estate and she would give them something to help their investigation. After getting consent from Ian to go ahead with the deal the agents were giving a strange stone. The stone appeared to be made of a bluish green crystal with a metal inlaid inside the crystal in a odd pattern, and a diamond like gem at the centre. The most odd thing about the crystal was that it was warm even after Christina retrieved it from her freezer.

The agents got a call from Ian stating that he had been contacted by Candice Livingstone. Her brother had been attacked by the people she believed were after her. She confirmed that she had Daniel but that he was in a strange mental state and talked mostly incoherent gibberish. The agents will be picking up Candice, her brother DJ and Daniel the next day and taking them to the airport where they will be put on a flight to get them to safety.

The group then had a run in with Johnny Davies. He was a PI hired to watch the Victoria street house and then follow the group. Michael took Exception to this and threatened Johnny with a very painful death, but before he could finish the threat the weak willed Johnny Davies was spilling his guts. There wasn’t much to tell since most of his business had been done anonymously. They were able to find out that the apartment Johnny was using was leased to a Michael Gordon, who is listed as the president of A&K holdings.

The group hatched a plan to try and capture the person who hired Johnny but they were on to them. They went to retrieve a letter and found a note for them. It told them that they were no longer wanted in Kingston and offered them $50 000.00 to leave town.

Finally the did a stake out of skeleton park and after some great sleuthing by agent Johnny MacDonald they discovered that the cyclops sighting at the park was just another dead end. They went back to the hotel for the night and today they are planning to follow up the leads from the previous agents and look into the city hall records, and check in at the library, while they wait for Candice to call.


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