The Kingston Question

Episode 3

New Kingston

It hadn’t been anything like the agents had expected. Translating was supposed to take time, concentration, physical exertion but this translation had been but a few seconds. They were dizzy, the room was spinning and for some reason there was a man ringing a bell. They could see they were in a large cell housed in a large room. Three sides of the cell looked like they were built with limestone blocks. The front of the cell was wall of thick Iron bars with a doorway in the centre. Outside the cell were two guards wearing bright red tunics fastened in the front by two rows of gold buttons. Coming off of their left shoulder and crossing their chests was a dark blue sash with gold trim. They both had dark blue pants that matched the sash and blue hats similar to a ball cap though slightly larger. On the front the Cap was adorned with a large crest that appeared to be a shield with an eye in the centre and a large snake wrapping around the shield. One stood with his sword drawn and watching the two caged agents closely while the other was ringing the stupid bell.
The guard finally stopped ringing the bell when two men started coming down a long hall towards the cell. The two men looked like Victorian era officials. They wore coats with tails and ruffled shirts, on each of their heads a large white wig.
‘State your business!’ the first exclaimed.
‘Let us not waste time with unnecessary formality.’ The second man stated. ‘We just need to know that you are not agents of Franklyn Massett, and that you are friendly to the resistance that is trying to over throw him.’
‘Well’ said Shay ‘we are not part of the resistance but I think Franklyn Massett needs a good knee capping.’
The second man got a rather pleased look on his face and then shouted ‘Guilty! They have admitted to their crime!’ Shay and Johnny stood stunned, this day could turn out crazier than the day before.

The day before
Shay and Johnny woke up to yet another surprise, Michael Geribaldi had pushed a note under their door. He wrote that he had heard from Frank Dobson and was on his way to pick him up. He would get in touch later to meet up with the other two agents. Shay and Johnny decided to follow up on the leads they had and visit city hall. They were given access to a storage room in the basement where they could look up old building records and historical documents. While going through the filing cabinets Shay found a piece of paper that had managed to get crumpled at the back of the drawer. It was an old floor plan that appeared to belong to a safety assessment. A note on the paper mentioned that further check on a wall in the basement would need to be done as the wall sounded hollow. It was then that Johnny noticed a map of Kingston from 1850 on the wall. What stood out was the pattern on the pendant was the same as an area that he believed would be todays City Park. There was certainly some connection between the pendant and the pattern in the park. The two agents were considering looking at the hollow wall when the could smell smoke.
In the hallway were two men who had toppled the antique furniture in the hallway and lit it on fire. As soon as they seen the agents the two men took off up the stairs. Shay ran after the men diving in a spectacular fashion over the burning furniture, landing in a roll and coming to his feet. Johnny followed his friends lead and the two headed up the stairs after the men. Suddenly books and other objects were being thrown down at them forcing the agents to dodge the debris as they made their way up the stairs. They were halfway up when the fire alarm and suppression system kicked in and the two men at the top of the stairs took off. The agents ran after them again. The fleeing men were almost to the end of the hall when Shay noticed two security guards with fire extinguishers running towards them. He yelled out that they were the ones that started the fire. The first guard swung the extinguisher striking the fleeing man on the jaw, the man’s feet fell out from underneath him and he thundered into the floor. The second guard tackled the other man. Shay and Johnny helped subdue the struggling man until police arrived. Shay was able to steal the wallet of one of the men. They gave a statement and then left city hall.
Next up was the library where they started investigating the men named on Mellissa’s note. They found some very interesting information but then the shelves themselves were falling down on them. Once again they gave chase but by this point Shay had reached his limit. Once out on the street he drew his pistol and threatened. Johnny seeing the horrified looks on those passing by pulled out a badge he keeps for just these occasions. The onlookers seemed satisfied and the two agents questioned the men who had tried to drop the shelves on them. They had been given a hundred dollars each by a bearded man in a suit to send the agents a message.
Ian finally called and it was time to pick up Candice, DJ, and Daniel. Talking with Daniel they were able to confirm that the strange pendant was tied to a gate to some recursion. The two agents thought that the best choice might be City Park. They were on their way to the airport when Johnny noticed two black BMW SUV’s approaching them quickly. As he sped up so did they. If there was any doubt that these men meant them harm it was removed when one of the SUV’s rammed them. Johnny managed to keep the car on the off ramp. Shay shot out the back window and then through a vial of liquid that ate away at the engine of the SUV. It went off the road and off of the over pass to the highway below.
They got to the airport with no more troubles and then headed back to the hotel. The news reported about the accident and a large section of the road that had been melted by ‘fire’. There was also news that Christina Viola the Psychic had passed away during the night, it was believed she died of natural causes. The next morning they went to City Park found a translation gate and went to a new recursion.


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