The Kingston Question

Episode 2.5
Which Way Should We Go?

Frank ended his call and looked around for a wash room, he had hoped he would use the washroom at Candice’s brothers but then Cecil started shooting. Fortunately there was a public washroom though it smelled like alley beside a sports bar. He was taking care of business when his iPhone rang, he reached into his pocket with his unoccupied hand and pulled out his phone. Things went wrong when he tried to answer the call from Michael Geribaldi. The iPhone slipped out of his hand and dropped into the urinal he was standing in front of.

Cecil watched a flustered Frank Dobson come out of the washroom and say ‘Cecil I need to use your phone.’

‘What happened to your phone?’ questioned Cecil.

‘I dropped it in the urinal and it’s dead.’ said a dour Frank.

Cecil handed Frank his phone ‘Fuck’ Frank exclaimed ‘Your phone is dead.’

‘Oh, I guess I forgot to charge it last night.’ It was at this point that Frank and Cecil seen three cars coming down the road that both men recognized from the parking lot by DJ’s house. They ran into the bush.

They watched for a few minutes as 11 men got out of the three cars and searched the SUV and the washroom. It was when they started to spread out and look into the woods that Frank and Cecil made the decision to make their way back to Kingston through the woods. Unfortunately the two had gotten turned around and struck out North instead of south. After two days of wandering through the bush, some of it in circles the two men found Brewers Mills. There they found some kind Canadian people who let them borrow a phone charger so that Cecil could charge his phone.

They called Michael who immediately went out to get them. On the way back to town they decided to stop at the Victoria street house to get rid of the gun that Cecil and Frank had used and get them new ones. First they stopped in across the street to check in with Jonathan Davies. They found him in the apartment dead. They got out of there fast and went to get what they needed form the house and then get the hell away from the area. Inside the house several men where waiting for them. A fight broke but the three men where out numbered and they where subdued and drugged.

Episode 3
New Kingston

It hadn’t been anything like the agents had expected. Translating was supposed to take time, concentration, physical exertion but this translation had been but a few seconds. They were dizzy, the room was spinning and for some reason there was a man ringing a bell. They could see they were in a large cell housed in a large room. Three sides of the cell looked like they were built with limestone blocks. The front of the cell was wall of thick Iron bars with a doorway in the centre. Outside the cell were two guards wearing bright red tunics fastened in the front by two rows of gold buttons. Coming off of their left shoulder and crossing their chests was a dark blue sash with gold trim. They both had dark blue pants that matched the sash and blue hats similar to a ball cap though slightly larger. On the front the Cap was adorned with a large crest that appeared to be a shield with an eye in the centre and a large snake wrapping around the shield. One stood with his sword drawn and watching the two caged agents closely while the other was ringing the stupid bell.
The guard finally stopped ringing the bell when two men started coming down a long hall towards the cell. The two men looked like Victorian era officials. They wore coats with tails and ruffled shirts, on each of their heads a large white wig.
‘State your business!’ the first exclaimed.
‘Let us not waste time with unnecessary formality.’ The second man stated. ‘We just need to know that you are not agents of Franklyn Massett, and that you are friendly to the resistance that is trying to over throw him.’
‘Well’ said Shay ‘we are not part of the resistance but I think Franklyn Massett needs a good knee capping.’
The second man got a rather pleased look on his face and then shouted ‘Guilty! They have admitted to their crime!’ Shay and Johnny stood stunned, this day could turn out crazier than the day before.

The day before
Shay and Johnny woke up to yet another surprise, Michael Geribaldi had pushed a note under their door. He wrote that he had heard from Frank Dobson and was on his way to pick him up. He would get in touch later to meet up with the other two agents. Shay and Johnny decided to follow up on the leads they had and visit city hall. They were given access to a storage room in the basement where they could look up old building records and historical documents. While going through the filing cabinets Shay found a piece of paper that had managed to get crumpled at the back of the drawer. It was an old floor plan that appeared to belong to a safety assessment. A note on the paper mentioned that further check on a wall in the basement would need to be done as the wall sounded hollow. It was then that Johnny noticed a map of Kingston from 1850 on the wall. What stood out was the pattern on the pendant was the same as an area that he believed would be todays City Park. There was certainly some connection between the pendant and the pattern in the park. The two agents were considering looking at the hollow wall when the could smell smoke.
In the hallway were two men who had toppled the antique furniture in the hallway and lit it on fire. As soon as they seen the agents the two men took off up the stairs. Shay ran after the men diving in a spectacular fashion over the burning furniture, landing in a roll and coming to his feet. Johnny followed his friends lead and the two headed up the stairs after the men. Suddenly books and other objects were being thrown down at them forcing the agents to dodge the debris as they made their way up the stairs. They were halfway up when the fire alarm and suppression system kicked in and the two men at the top of the stairs took off. The agents ran after them again. The fleeing men were almost to the end of the hall when Shay noticed two security guards with fire extinguishers running towards them. He yelled out that they were the ones that started the fire. The first guard swung the extinguisher striking the fleeing man on the jaw, the man’s feet fell out from underneath him and he thundered into the floor. The second guard tackled the other man. Shay and Johnny helped subdue the struggling man until police arrived. Shay was able to steal the wallet of one of the men. They gave a statement and then left city hall.
Next up was the library where they started investigating the men named on Mellissa’s note. They found some very interesting information but then the shelves themselves were falling down on them. Once again they gave chase but by this point Shay had reached his limit. Once out on the street he drew his pistol and threatened. Johnny seeing the horrified looks on those passing by pulled out a badge he keeps for just these occasions. The onlookers seemed satisfied and the two agents questioned the men who had tried to drop the shelves on them. They had been given a hundred dollars each by a bearded man in a suit to send the agents a message.
Ian finally called and it was time to pick up Candice, DJ, and Daniel. Talking with Daniel they were able to confirm that the strange pendant was tied to a gate to some recursion. The two agents thought that the best choice might be City Park. They were on their way to the airport when Johnny noticed two black BMW SUV’s approaching them quickly. As he sped up so did they. If there was any doubt that these men meant them harm it was removed when one of the SUV’s rammed them. Johnny managed to keep the car on the off ramp. Shay shot out the back window and then through a vial of liquid that ate away at the engine of the SUV. It went off the road and off of the over pass to the highway below.
They got to the airport with no more troubles and then headed back to the hotel. The news reported about the accident and a large section of the road that had been melted by ‘fire’. There was also news that Christina Viola the Psychic had passed away during the night, it was believed she died of natural causes. The next morning they went to City Park found a translation gate and went to a new recursion.

Episode 2
Where have they all gone?

The phone rang several times but still no answer. Michael Geribaldi was perplexed the two other agents he had been sent with had suddenly gone silent. There were now five agents missing. A call to Ian had him sending out two more agents. Ian had tried to track the missing agents cell phone but there was no signal from either agents phone. Michael held up in his hotel room until the reinforcements got there.

Shay Spring and Johnny MacDonald were sent to the home town of John A. MacDonald the father of Canadian confederation. Together with Michael Geribaldi they set out to find the two missing agents. They first went and spoke with Christina Viola, the psychic who pushed for the demolition of the Mowat building in the 1970’s. They agents were caught off guard when she knew exactly who the agents worked for. While she could offer no specifics she believed at the time the Mowat building was somehow occult and that since its destruction the strange occurrences in downtown Kingston stopped. She told them about the Historical Society’s attempt to have the building reconstructed and that they have a very wealthy backer. Some research later found that A&K Holdings was the financial backer of the Historical Society. Christina gave them the name of Michael Bennett a man who she claims was the same Michael Bennett that committed three grizzly murders in Kingstown in the mid 1800’s. All her notes and Michael’s own diary have been lost. She has been the victim of two home invasions and two house fires over the past two years. She offered a trade to the agents, she get to visit the estate and she would give them something to help their investigation. After getting consent from Ian to go ahead with the deal the agents were giving a strange stone. The stone appeared to be made of a bluish green crystal with a metal inlaid inside the crystal in a odd pattern, and a diamond like gem at the centre. The most odd thing about the crystal was that it was warm even after Christina retrieved it from her freezer.

The agents got a call from Ian stating that he had been contacted by Candice Livingstone. Her brother had been attacked by the people she believed were after her. She confirmed that she had Daniel but that he was in a strange mental state and talked mostly incoherent gibberish. The agents will be picking up Candice, her brother DJ and Daniel the next day and taking them to the airport where they will be put on a flight to get them to safety.

The group then had a run in with Johnny Davies. He was a PI hired to watch the Victoria street house and then follow the group. Michael took Exception to this and threatened Johnny with a very painful death, but before he could finish the threat the weak willed Johnny Davies was spilling his guts. There wasn’t much to tell since most of his business had been done anonymously. They were able to find out that the apartment Johnny was using was leased to a Michael Gordon, who is listed as the president of A&K holdings.

The group hatched a plan to try and capture the person who hired Johnny but they were on to them. They went to retrieve a letter and found a note for them. It told them that they were no longer wanted in Kingston and offered them $50 000.00 to leave town.

Finally the did a stake out of skeleton park and after some great sleuthing by agent Johnny MacDonald they discovered that the cyclops sighting at the park was just another dead end. They went back to the hotel for the night and today they are planning to follow up the leads from the previous agents and look into the city hall records, and check in at the library, while they wait for Candice to call.

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A New Assignment

Three agents were present in the meeting with Ian Boyden the Estate liaison for the group. The frustration of being pulled off of the Mallard case was quickly eased as the group realized they were getting a much bigger case then watching a recursion miner. They were sent to Kingston Ontario, a Canadian city with a history of strange events. While agents have been sent in the past nothing has ever turned up. Six months ago two agents went to look into sightings of a cyclops. They left after two weeks when nothing concrete was found. Then two months ago another cyclops was sighted and so the Estate decided to station three agents in Kingston on a permanent basis and get a true picture of what was going on in the small Canadian city.

The three agents; Daniel Bissonnette, Melissa Carol, and Alice Madison reported in a month ago that they were starting to uncover some interesting leads. They would look into them and then file a full report in a couple weeks. The report didn’t come. Four days earlier Candice Livingstone an Estate contact in Kingston reported that she had not been able to contact the agents for three weeks. Now the Estate cannot contact Candice or find Candice either.

Three members of the former Mallard surveillance team, Frank Dobson, Cecil St James, and Michael Garibaldi, were dispatched to Kingston to try and locate the missing liaison and agents. They were flown by private jet from Seattle to Kingston and provided with cyphers to help with the mission. They were also advised about a new Estate policy regarding credit cards, it seems some agents were abusing the system. Now any purchases over $5000.00 must be pre-approved and there will be more over sight when it comes to reviewing expenditures.

The three agents picked up a few items they thought they would need and then took a seven and a half hour flight to Kingston. A Ford Flex awaited them at the airport. The first decision the group had to make was whether to stay at the Victoria street house that the Estate had bought for the other agents or stay in a hotel. Their concern being that if the missing agents had been abducted then the abductors might be watching the house. They had made arrangements for hotel rooms but decided to drive by the house since it was along the way. The front porch light was on as well as one upstairs light so the team parked the car and went for a closer look.

Frank and Cecil used the key they had been given to enter from the front while Michael Garibaldi went around back. The house was clean and it certainly did not look as though anything wrong had happened inside. The group went into the basement to find the safe that held guns for the agents use. Once armed the group went upstairs and took a look in the kitchen. The bread was moldy and the food in the fridge had gone bad the expiry dates all being at least three weeks old. Upstairs they found three bedrooms. In the room with the light on they found a blank note pad but they were able to use the old pencil trick to find out what had been written. Some of it didn’t seem to make sense but it was at least a starting point. As they discussed next steps the doorbell rang. Frank and Cecil went to see who it was and were surprised to find that it was officers Williams and Blake who were responding to a noise complaint. They talked briefly and the officers left happy that there were no problems at the house.

The team got a bit nervous and did a quick check of the house before leaving. They found a newspaper on the dining room table gathered all the pages and then left. As they left the house Frank noticed somebody had been watching from a small apartment building across the street. They got into the SUV and drove around a bit before going to the hotel to ensure they were not being followed. Michael Garibaldi spent some of the evening visiting bars and asking about the cyclops and the parks they had been spotted in.

In the morning the group reviewed the newspaper they had found the day before and were certain that an unknown man that had been wandering in City Park was in fact Daniel. (When going through my notes I realized I made a mistake. The park where the cyclops was sighted six months ago was City Park not Victoria Park. So forget Victoria Park for now that was for something else entirely sorry for my mistake but we will carry on as if you were looking into City Park as there is no change in the information you have.) The newspaper was only four days old so someone had been in the house recently and the team felt it was most likely Candice.

After a couple calls between the team and Ian Boyden they discovered that the man had been released to his sister Candice Bickell three days earlier. As it turned out Candice Livingstone’s mother’s maiden name was Bickell. They found out the Candice had a brother that lived in the north end of Kingston. Frank and Cecil went to see the brother while Michael followed up a lead at The Whig Standard. At the Whig Standard Michael found out that BJF likely stood for Black Jack Frank and that it was most likely Daniel who had been there looking into him. He also found out that Christina Viola was a psychic living in the Kingston area but has yet to determine why the missing agents were looking into her.

Meanwhile in the North end Cecil and Frank found Candice’s brother DJ’s house. They went into the house and asked DJ about his sister. He wasn’t going to say anything and looked as if he was about to flee. Cecil pulled out his handgun and shot DJ in the leg. There was movement from upstairs and Frank moved to intercept and seen two large Rottweilers coming towards him. Frank shot both dogs. DJ tried was trying to do something with his phone but before he could Cecil kicked it from his hand. Frank picked it up and the two left but not before Cecil shot DJ in the other leg for good measure. With shots being fired a crowd was gathering so the two made a quick escape stopping at the locks in Kingston Mills where they plan to ditch the SUV.

The group is trying to piece together a group of clues that seem to have little sense or connection. It would seem that there are more questions now then at the start and it is likely the police will soon be looking for them.


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