The Kingston Question

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A New Assignment

Three agents were present in the meeting with Ian Boyden the Estate liaison for the group. The frustration of being pulled off of the Mallard case was quickly eased as the group realized they were getting a much bigger case then watching a recursion miner. They were sent to Kingston Ontario, a Canadian city with a history of strange events. While agents have been sent in the past nothing has ever turned up. Six months ago two agents went to look into sightings of a cyclops. They left after two weeks when nothing concrete was found. Then two months ago another cyclops was sighted and so the Estate decided to station three agents in Kingston on a permanent basis and get a true picture of what was going on in the small Canadian city.

The three agents; Daniel Bissonnette, Melissa Carol, and Alice Madison reported in a month ago that they were starting to uncover some interesting leads. They would look into them and then file a full report in a couple weeks. The report didn’t come. Four days earlier Candice Livingstone an Estate contact in Kingston reported that she had not been able to contact the agents for three weeks. Now the Estate cannot contact Candice or find Candice either.

Three members of the former Mallard surveillance team, Frank Dobson, Cecil St James, and Michael Garibaldi, were dispatched to Kingston to try and locate the missing liaison and agents. They were flown by private jet from Seattle to Kingston and provided with cyphers to help with the mission. They were also advised about a new Estate policy regarding credit cards, it seems some agents were abusing the system. Now any purchases over $5000.00 must be pre-approved and there will be more over sight when it comes to reviewing expenditures.

The three agents picked up a few items they thought they would need and then took a seven and a half hour flight to Kingston. A Ford Flex awaited them at the airport. The first decision the group had to make was whether to stay at the Victoria street house that the Estate had bought for the other agents or stay in a hotel. Their concern being that if the missing agents had been abducted then the abductors might be watching the house. They had made arrangements for hotel rooms but decided to drive by the house since it was along the way. The front porch light was on as well as one upstairs light so the team parked the car and went for a closer look.

Frank and Cecil used the key they had been given to enter from the front while Michael Garibaldi went around back. The house was clean and it certainly did not look as though anything wrong had happened inside. The group went into the basement to find the safe that held guns for the agents use. Once armed the group went upstairs and took a look in the kitchen. The bread was moldy and the food in the fridge had gone bad the expiry dates all being at least three weeks old. Upstairs they found three bedrooms. In the room with the light on they found a blank note pad but they were able to use the old pencil trick to find out what had been written. Some of it didn’t seem to make sense but it was at least a starting point. As they discussed next steps the doorbell rang. Frank and Cecil went to see who it was and were surprised to find that it was officers Williams and Blake who were responding to a noise complaint. They talked briefly and the officers left happy that there were no problems at the house.

The team got a bit nervous and did a quick check of the house before leaving. They found a newspaper on the dining room table gathered all the pages and then left. As they left the house Frank noticed somebody had been watching from a small apartment building across the street. They got into the SUV and drove around a bit before going to the hotel to ensure they were not being followed. Michael Garibaldi spent some of the evening visiting bars and asking about the cyclops and the parks they had been spotted in.

In the morning the group reviewed the newspaper they had found the day before and were certain that an unknown man that had been wandering in City Park was in fact Daniel. (When going through my notes I realized I made a mistake. The park where the cyclops was sighted six months ago was City Park not Victoria Park. So forget Victoria Park for now that was for something else entirely sorry for my mistake but we will carry on as if you were looking into City Park as there is no change in the information you have.) The newspaper was only four days old so someone had been in the house recently and the team felt it was most likely Candice.

After a couple calls between the team and Ian Boyden they discovered that the man had been released to his sister Candice Bickell three days earlier. As it turned out Candice Livingstone’s mother’s maiden name was Bickell. They found out the Candice had a brother that lived in the north end of Kingston. Frank and Cecil went to see the brother while Michael followed up a lead at The Whig Standard. At the Whig Standard Michael found out that BJF likely stood for Black Jack Frank and that it was most likely Daniel who had been there looking into him. He also found out that Christina Viola was a psychic living in the Kingston area but has yet to determine why the missing agents were looking into her.

Meanwhile in the North end Cecil and Frank found Candice’s brother DJ’s house. They went into the house and asked DJ about his sister. He wasn’t going to say anything and looked as if he was about to flee. Cecil pulled out his handgun and shot DJ in the leg. There was movement from upstairs and Frank moved to intercept and seen two large Rottweilers coming towards him. Frank shot both dogs. DJ tried was trying to do something with his phone but before he could Cecil kicked it from his hand. Frank picked it up and the two left but not before Cecil shot DJ in the other leg for good measure. With shots being fired a crowd was gathering so the two made a quick escape stopping at the locks in Kingston Mills where they plan to ditch the SUV.

The group is trying to piece together a group of clues that seem to have little sense or connection. It would seem that there are more questions now then at the start and it is likely the police will soon be looking for them.


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