The Kingston Question

Episode 2.5

Which Way Should We Go?

Frank ended his call and looked around for a wash room, he had hoped he would use the washroom at Candice’s brothers but then Cecil started shooting. Fortunately there was a public washroom though it smelled like alley beside a sports bar. He was taking care of business when his iPhone rang, he reached into his pocket with his unoccupied hand and pulled out his phone. Things went wrong when he tried to answer the call from Michael Geribaldi. The iPhone slipped out of his hand and dropped into the urinal he was standing in front of.

Cecil watched a flustered Frank Dobson come out of the washroom and say ‘Cecil I need to use your phone.’

‘What happened to your phone?’ questioned Cecil.

‘I dropped it in the urinal and it’s dead.’ said a dour Frank.

Cecil handed Frank his phone ‘Fuck’ Frank exclaimed ‘Your phone is dead.’

‘Oh, I guess I forgot to charge it last night.’ It was at this point that Frank and Cecil seen three cars coming down the road that both men recognized from the parking lot by DJ’s house. They ran into the bush.

They watched for a few minutes as 11 men got out of the three cars and searched the SUV and the washroom. It was when they started to spread out and look into the woods that Frank and Cecil made the decision to make their way back to Kingston through the woods. Unfortunately the two had gotten turned around and struck out North instead of south. After two days of wandering through the bush, some of it in circles the two men found Brewers Mills. There they found some kind Canadian people who let them borrow a phone charger so that Cecil could charge his phone.

They called Michael who immediately went out to get them. On the way back to town they decided to stop at the Victoria street house to get rid of the gun that Cecil and Frank had used and get them new ones. First they stopped in across the street to check in with Jonathan Davies. They found him in the apartment dead. They got out of there fast and went to get what they needed form the house and then get the hell away from the area. Inside the house several men where waiting for them. A fight broke but the three men where out numbered and they where subdued and drugged.


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