FOCUS Climbs the Sky

Climbs the Sky

Ever heard of a sky hook? Well if you could climb the sky you would have. Those who climb the sky use a device called a sky hook to climb, fight, and swing. The sky hook itself is a somewhat magical device made of Graviton stone. Graviton stone has a natural property that defies the normal laws of gravity. The floating cities are built on large masses of Graviton stone. The sky hook has additional properties that allow it to attach to objects, or even people. Those who climb the sky also progress a little differently than other focusses. They have pools of Master, Honed and Minor level skills and gain access to those skills as they progress through their tiers.

Tier 1 – 1 Honed skill, 2 Minor skills
Tier 2 – 1 Honed skills, 1 Minor skill
Tier 3 – 1 Honed skill, 1 Minor Skill
Tier 4 – 1 Master Skill, 1 Minor Skill
Tier 5 – 1 Master Skill, 1 Honed Skill
Tier 6 – 1 Matser skill, 1 Honed Skill, 1 Minor Skill

Sky Hook – The sky hook is gained at Tier one. As you progress through the tiers you become more proficient in its use. The sky hook itself is a device that is attached to the users forearm and ejects a small fist sized stone that is attached to its user by a strange ethereal cord. The cord itself has no physical properties and at its base has a length of 20 metres. The user shoots the sky hook which can attach to any object within its range and then the cord retracts pulling the user up with to the stone at a base rate of travel of 6 m/s (21 km/h). A speed based skill check may need to be made to check success when extraordinary circumstances arise. At its base the cord can lift a weight up to that of its user.

Minor skills

Morning star – This ability allows you to use your sky hook as a weapon. The morning star can be used to for a melee attack within an immediate range. The morning star does 5 damage.

Level 1 cord enhancement – the length of the ethereal cord is extended to 30 metres

Level 1 speed enhancement – The rate of travel increases to 15 m/s (54 km/h)

Swing – Can use the sky hook to swing from one place to the next at the sky hooks current rate of speed.

Anchor (2 might) – You become an anchor for the sky hook which perceives you as having twice the gravity you would otherwise effectively doubling your weight for ten minutes. The weight you can lift or pull is doubled. (the weight of two people.)

Lasso – (1 speed) – for your attack you can attempt to lasso a target. If the attack is successful the target is captured in your sky hook. If the target is a person or creature they can be pulled towards you if they weigh less than your current weight limit. If the person is not resisting they are pulled at the normal rate of speed, if they are resisting it is at a rate of one quarter your normal speed on the ground and half the normal rate through the air. If it is an object as long as it is under your weight limit it can be pulled at half your rate of speed on the ground, and at your normal rate of speed through the air.

Push (1 speed) – The sky hook can be used to push an object or a person away from you up to a distance of its range. A successful skill check or an attack roll must be made and the object or person must weigh less than your current weight limit. Object are pushed at half the normal rate of speed while people are pushed at a quarter the normal rate of speed.

Fall – if you fall from the height from which you fall is considered half.

Control – This ability gives more control over the rate of speed you travel when the sky hook is engaged. You can choose to travel at any speed up to the maximum speed of the sky hook.

Acrobat – You can perform daring feats acrobatic feats while swinging on the sky hook. You are at a level of being trained and get an asset for all speed checks including speed defense when swinging on the sky hook.

Honed skills

Level 2 cord enhancement – the length of the ethereal cord is extended to 50 metres, must have level 1.

Level 2 speed enhancement – The rate of travel increases to 20 m/s (72 km/h), must have level 1.

Honed Anchor (4 might) – The weight you can lift or pull is quadrupled for ten minutes. (The weight of four people.)

Dual Hooks – You gain a second sky hook. The second sky hook gives the ability to have perpetual motion (think spiderman) when swinging. Any speed and length enhancements apply to both sky hooks. Skills like anchor do not double in strength because of a second sky hook.

Lift (2 speed) – You can use the sky hook to push up off the ground or away from a wall. This can be used to enhance attacks or lift you to a plateau where there is nothing above to attach the sky hook to.

Precision (2 int) – The sky hook when used normally has a level of impact that can break glass, even wood. Precision allows you to control the sky hook and grab an item that might normally break gently.

Light touch (3 int) – When attaching to something to lift yourself it must be able to support your weight, light touch grants you the ability to attach to something that could not normally support your weight. You make two checks the first to see if you are successful and the second at the hallway point. If you fail at the half way point you are lift to half the distance before the object you have attached to breaks.

Slingshot (4 might) – You must have dual sky hooks to use this skill. You connect both sky hooks to opposite points (they do not have to be perfectly even) and launch yourself towards your target at 27 m/s (100 km/h). You impact the target at great speed causing 10 points of damage and ignoring any armour. Your use of the sky hooks at the point of impact stops you from being injured. You can use this to attack a target at short range.

Sky Hook Action – the action of using the sky hook for movement becomes a movement instead of an action when in combat giving you the ability to attack and then employ your sky hook as a movement.

FOCUS Climbs the Sky

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