FOCUS Wields Crystal

In these lands there is a crystal that is known for its strange properties called Kaezerion. In the hands of some the crystal becomes a weapon stronger than any other substance. Those who wield the crystal revered by some, and envied by others. Their talents are sought after and those that sell their skill command the highest prices. The best of them become Kaezerion warriors famous for the bluish green hue of their skin and their prowess with their weapons.

Those who wield crystal have different paths which they can choose. They can focus on mastery of might, speed or intelligence based fighting skills or become a practiced in a variety of fighting skills.

Tier 1

At Tier 1 you can choose 2 of the following skills.

- You gain a +1 to all your damage
- When applying effort to an attack roll you can take from any one pool
- +1 to defensive rolls whenever you have your Kaerzerion weapon in your hand

Tier 2

At tier 2 you can choose 2 of the following skills.

Advantage (2 speed) – Roll two dice using the better of the rolls as your attack. You only score a critical on an 18 or higher however if you roll two critical instead of extra damage you can choose to have a second attack.

Mighty Blow (2 might) – You roll 1d4 extra damage to a successful strike

Anticipate (2 int) – While defending a melee attack and you have your Kaezerion weapon in your hand you can choose to anticipate before your defense roll. If your defense is successful you strike a counter blow that does half your normal damage.

Tier 3

At tier 3 you can choose one of the following skills.

Rapid attack (3 Speed) – you can perform two attacks per round.

Cleave – You can use your Kaezerion weapon to cut through any type of material at a cost of 2 might per foot and at a rate of 1 foot per round. For example to cut a 2 foot square hole in a stone wall would cost 8 might and take four rounds.

Kaezerion Warrior – There are those who can wield Kaezerion and then there are the true Kaezerion warriors. Kaezerion warriors meld with the crystal, it becomes a part of them turning their skin green or blue. The process is strenuous and costs 4 might points and 2 speed and intellect points. The points spent are permenantly lost but what is gained can outweigh what is lost.
o Kaezerion warriors join with the crystal, and it becomes a part of their body. Their weapon appears in their hand when needed, and can never be dropped.
o Kaezerion warriors become attuned with the crystal and the world around them and get an asset to perception rolls.

Those who do not choose to be Kaezerion warriors can choose one extra ability from the Tier 1, 2, or 3 ability lists.

Tier 4

At tier 4 you can choose one of the following skills.

Intelligent attack (4 int) – When attacking and you roll a 1 you can reroll the attack roll. If you get a second 1 it is a miss but you do not suffer a GM intrusion.

Deflect Projectile (4 speed) – When wielding your Kaezerion weapon you gain an asset to your defense roll against projectile weapons.

Kaezerion Warriors in addition to choosing one of the other tier 4 abilities have the ability to absorb the damage from any energy attack where a successful defense roll has been made. That stored energy is released on the next attack and if successful does what ever damage the energy attack did along with the normal weapon damage.

Tier 5

At tier 5 you can choose one of the following skills.

Power attack – You focus a portion of your might and deliver one powerful blow to your opponent. You spend 1 point to enact the attack and then each point you coose to spend after that gets added to the damage you do. It must be declared before your attack, if you miss you do not lose the points you were putting towards damage but you do lose the point to enact the attack. If you roll a critical on the attack you have the choice of doing the extra damage or gaining back a portion of the points you spent on damage based on the table below.
17 -25% 18-50% 19-75% 20-100%

Protect Ally – You can choose one ally at an immediate range and for the duration of the round it decreases the difficulty of defense rolls against melee attacks by one step.

Kaezerion warrior, in addition to choosing one of the tier 5 abilities the Kaezerion warriors get the choice of doing extra damage or gaining another attack when they roll 17-20.

Tier 6

At tier 6 you can choose one of the following skills.

Precise force (6 int) – on a successful attack you can choose the location of the strike. You may also choose to knock out an opponent instead of doing permanent damage to any creature or person of a lower level than you.

Speed resource – All of your speed based abilities can now draw from any of your stats pool.

Death Blow (5 might) – instantly kills any creature level three or below, for creatures of level four or higher the add 4 to the damage.

Kaezerion Warrior, gains five might points that absorb the first five points of damage. They cannot be used to apply effort and lost points are regained after a ten hour rest.

FOCUS Wields Crystal

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